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Introducing Career Intelligence®

Good for your people.
Good for your business.

Career development reinvented for the new world of work

Are you finding it harder to find and keep good people?
Are you worried about diluting your culture as your business expands?

The old world of work with defined career pathways has gone. Your employees know they need to take ownership of their career, but they don’t know where to start. Your managers want to help, but they can’t see how.

• Satisfaction drops
• Performance stalls
• Talent leaves to grow

The answer?

Career Intelligence®, the new way to manage performance, development and satisfaction in your organisation. No business is too big nor too small to benefit from Career Intelligence®.

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Discover the power of Career Intelligence®

What is Career Intelligence®?

Build a culture of career ownership and career wellbeing from the bottom up

Career Intelligence® is our proprietary framework that enables employees to drive their own performance, development and satisfaction in partnership with their manager.

It helps HR/L&D and Execs attract, retain and nurture good people as well as keep the culture strong as the business expands.

Employees learn how to apply business principles to structure their thinking and take ownership of their career within the organisation.

Managers learn how to conduct Career Intelligence® Conversations and get better at developing their direct reports in a way that’s motivating and empowering.

Satisfaction increases
Performance increases
You retain more talent

That’s good for your people and good for your business.

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How to become a Career Intelligent organisation, powered by Career Intelligence®

Our programmes –
Career Intelligence®-in-a-Box

Everything you need to become a Career Intelligent organisation

Packaged simply, delivered cost-effectively, conveniently and at scale
All the training and tools you need for managers, employees and HR/L&D
Ready to go and fast to deploy at scale with phased roll out
Fully supported by us in a way that builds internal capability

Managers lead on process. Employees lead on content.
HR/L&D and Execs champion the cultural message.
The benefits start to accrue quickly.

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“Leaders should focus on employees’ unique strengths to create a culture of high development and help employees achieve real career progression in a way that is meaningful to them, which doesn’t have to be a promotion to the next level.”

Source: Gallup: Employees Want Wellbeing From Their Job, and
They’ll Leave to Find It,

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