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Spark a transformative journey in your professional life over 21 days with our "Discover Your UCW" self-guided coaching programme. 

Your UCW (“Unique Contribution to the World”) is the distinctive and meaningful impact that you were born to make in the world simply by being you. Yet it’s not always easy to connect this to the work you are doing now - or where you are called to go next. 

Throughout this self-guided coaching programme, you’ll be directed through a process of self-inquiry to help you to tap into life's clues, recognise the distinct gifts you are called to bring to the world and reveal the unique magic that makes your path uniquely yours.

Designed for those who are in work of any kind (employed, self-employed or somewhere in between) and could benefit from some structured reflection to help them bring more of who they really are into their work - but aren’t sure where to start.

Ignite your inner spark with our 21-day "Discover Your UCW" course. 

Embark on a guided journey of self-discovery to help you find out how you can bring more heart and soul into what you do in just 15 minutes a day. 

This course will guide you through a process of self-inquiry to help you to tap into life's clues and recognise the distinct gifts you have been given so that you can bring your uniqueness to help address the challenges and opportunities the world is facing today.


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