Did you know just how much

human potential is wasted

in organisations today?

1/3 of individual contributors just do their job and nothing more. 50% of individual contributors feel their jobs are stagnant.

Career Intelligence is a powerful and effective self-leadership model. We use it to develop and resource employees at all levels to re-energise them and help your organisation thrive.
We offer a number of different ways to access the benefit of Career Intelligence
by working with individuals, teams or groups either in person or online.
Career Intelligence Fundamentals – Employee Training
Encourage proactive engagement from your employees by showing them how to apply Career Intelligence thinking and start acting like the CEO of their careers. This innovative workshop gives your employees the tools to manage and develop themselves in a way that benefits everyone.
Developing others using Career Intelligence – Manager Masterclass
Empowering employees to take ownership of their careers won’t work if their managers are not able to have an effective career conversation when approached. Equip your managers with the tools they need to support their employees’ Career Intelligence development.

“"A brilliant program for anybody who wants to reinvigorate their career and walk away with a clear plan to make it happen."”

Mike Coop, Head of Multi Asset Portfolio Management EMEA, Morningstar

“"Going through the career intelligence course and having a 1-2-1 coaching session with Anita has really allowed me to get a clearer understanding on which direction I want my career to go in and also how to achieve this by actively putting myself in the driver seat throughout this journey.””

Shanice Bishop, Apprentice, Morningstar

“"I have really enjoyed attending the Career Intelligence Fundamentals workshop. Anita has an excellent way of stating the theory, the evidence to back up this theory and in showing how all this can be applied in really practical ways. In the past I have attended similar workshops, but felt depleted, not really knowing how to apply all the knowledge I gained. In Career Intelligence Fundamentals, it is all the opposite, you leave invigorated with energy, ready to take action; today. In addition, you leave with a clear mind of where you are going and a clear plan to get there. I greatly recommend this course."”

Testimonial from recent Participant in a Media company (Virtual Workshop)
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