“Don’t ask how intelligent a child is

ask how a child is intelligent”

Howard Gardner

Career Intelligence has been used in forward-thinking businesses around the world, to help engage and empower employees to take ownership of their careers. Time and time again, participants have commented that they wish they had been given this set of tools whilst they were at school.

We now help schools and universities to create an ecosystem in which students understand how to take ownership of their future career direction. We believe that every student should enter the world of work with a solid understanding of what success looks like to them (their own success criteria) and with the confidence and tools they need to embark upon an exciting and fulfilling career journey.

Our courses empower students to be proactive and strategic in their career approach, something that is vital in the fast-changing world of work we experience today, where defined pathways no longer exist.

How does it work?

We offer a number of different ways to bring the benefit of Career Intelligence to schools.

We partner with University Career Services, headteachers, career leaders, teachers, tutors and students, and can work with you to find the best way of implementing the Career Intelligence approach for your organisation.

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